Thermo Electric Canada Multi-Point Project Success in Alberta

Canada Multi-Point 2Thermo Electric’s customer, Air Products located in Edmonton Canada, has chosen Thermo Electric Inc. for the replacement of critical multi-point thermocouples used at one of its hydrogen plants which supports the local oil & gas refineries. The original multi-point, built by Thermo Electric Inc. USA, had been operating continuously and successfully for more than 10 years.
Thermo Electric Inc. has been trusted to perform this project thanks to its manufacturing presence in Canada and to its expertise on the design and manufacturing of such unique and complex multi-point solutions.


The sensors were manufactured in Thermo Electric Canadian factory. In parallel, all the Canadian Registration certifications (CRN) for the 17 ft. long protection tube were obtained successfully by Thermo Electrics team.
Overall, the project was a success from the design to the on time delivery of the sensors.

New Strategic Partnership between Thermo Electric and PR Electronics for Temperature Transmitters

PR TransmitterWe are pleased to announce a new strategic partnership between Thermo Electric and PR Electronics. Our two companies have built their long term successes sharing the same fundamentals and vision that are centered around a team of technical experts, a world class of quality products and a professional service culture that always puts customer satisfaction first.

With this new partnership, Thermo Electric remains committed to servicing its customers with top quality temperature sensors that will now be complemented with the trusted PR transmitters for any customer who needs a complete solution.

At Thermo Electric, we look forward to receiving our customers’ requests for any PR temperature transmitters.

PR electronics specializes in making industrial process control safer, more reliable, and more efficient. Since 1974, they have been dedicated to perfecting their core competencies of creating highly precise signal conditioning devices with low power consumption.

Thermo Electric selected for the Freeport LNG project

lng-plantThermo Electric has been awarded the opportunity to design and manufacture temperature sensors for the expansion of one of the largest liquefied natural gas (LNG) export terminals in the USA. Freeport LNG (Texas, USA) is expanding its current terminal to enable liquefication and export of approximately 2 billion cubic feet of US natural gas per day.

Accurate and reliable control of temperature in the liquefication process of natural gas is key to ensure efficient production, and to protect the many heat exchangers and sensitive assets installed at the terminal. Thermo Electric will design, manufacture and calibrate hundreds of thermocouples at its US factory in West Chester, PA. First delivery will start in early 2017.

Thermo Electric’s team is proud and honored to be part of this world class engineering project.